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The Ministerial Decisions on PV and Energy Communities are to be announced.

The Ministerial Decisions of the RIS are expected in the coming days and definitely by the middle of the month, which will regulate the issues related to the installation of photovoltaics on high-productivity rural land, as well as the major issue of priority for...

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Waiting for the new bill of the Ministry of Energy.

There are many meetings and many different views on the investment in RES and mainly regarding the PV installations there in the Ministry of Environment & Energy. Discussions, contacts, meetings and all this are pending the new bill, which is expected to come to...

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LAGHE announced the reference values of the PV systems for 2020.

The reference values ​​of the PV systems below 500kW and Energy Communities with installed capacity <= 1 MW that will be operational from 12/12/2019 or 1/1/2020 until the day before the first special competitive process of the of the year 2020 was...

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The production license for wind and solar systems is to be abolished.

Radical changes are coming to the licensing process for new RES plants, to dramatically reduce the time needed to mature investments. According to the Ministry of Energy, the central element of the new process will be the abolition of the production license for wind...

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Owners of 500kW will not lose the status of professional farmer.

As farmers' interest in the construction of rural photovoltaic parks continues to grow, a key question that remains for many is whether the status of a professional farmer is lost through the concrete investment of building a 500kW photovoltaic system.As is known, Law...

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