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  • Investment Programs

    The investment projects are an opportunity to develop business ideas and our company provides high quality services in designing and implementing various investment programs.

  • Business Development

    Business Development refers in developing and exploiting various business opportunities and requires knowledge of theories and practices of contemporary Management.

  • Feasibility Studies & Researches

    The feasibility study prepares and submits an undertaking to identify and evaluate financial and non-measurable indicators of its activity and its future survival and development.

  • SME Development

    Small and Medium Enterprises, a mainstay of the Greek economy is increasingly affected by the current economic and financial crisis and declining demand, reduced investment and reduced liquidity.

  • Wind Energy

    Wind energy is an inexhaustible source of energy in our country and the investment opportunities are considerable.

  • Biomass & Biogas

    Biomass and biofuels are strong players in the Renewable Energy market with high growth prospects in the coming years.

  • Geothermy

    The heat located inside the earth is called geothermal energy and is so large that it can be considered practically inexhaustible source of energy for human action.

  • Hydro Energy

    Hydropower comes from the exploitation of river water. In Greece there is untapped hydroelectric potential, which could cover a significant percentage of energy consumption.

  • Solar Systems - Net Metering

    Greece has rich solar resources and it is estimated that solar energy can cover a third of the country's energy needs.

  • Renewable Energy Projects

    Our company undertakes construction projects in renewable energy sector and in particular in wind energy, solar energy, and projects using energy from waste and biomass.

  • Land & Properties Development

    Our company suggests valuable and unique land for building projects, for high specification commercial, entertainment, tourism and residential interest.

  • Building Energy Update and Renovation

    We offer modern and quality solutions in the field of energy savings to upgrade the energy class of your building, designing a refurbishment and saving money on your home or business.

  • Metal & Industrial Construction

    We design and build metal buildings and special metal construction. All our projects are manufactured in accordance with the latest international standards and the specific requirements of the customer.

  • Project Management

    We provide management services work with the correct application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques, with the aim to meet the requirements and your expectations in the implementation of the activities of a project.

A few words about us

We are pleased to welcome you on the web-site of our company. We are a management consultant and projects management firm called Visiontask. We are an independent firm and we provide by 2007 our services to hundreds of firms in the Greek region. We have been active in every sector of the economy, and we have always played an active role in innovative emerging economies. Our expertise in the areas of business development, our penetration of renewable energy sources, as well as the know-how in construction projects gives us a broad scope for action at local and international horizon.

The quality of our services, a better understanding of your needs and the provision of comprehensive and integrated project services according to your needs, have the effect of minimizing business risk and optimize the performance of your investment in this critical period we are living in. With high scientific training, experience and professional knowledge we ensure the effectiveness of the services provided. We believe that in every problem there is a perfect solution and we are always beside you to realize your business dreams with absolute success.

With ideas from man to man.

For development everywhere and for successful development for all.

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