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With a tender, the price of agricultural photovoltaics is now locked.

The year has changed and now only with competitive procedures will the agricultural photovoltaics be able to lock in price, as the Energy Market Restructuring Measures announced by the Ministry of Environment have been implemented. At the same time, the ministry issued a circular which clarifies certain aspects of the process. In more detail, the relevant circular states:
  • A photovoltaic station that will receive a final connection offer upon request submitted to the competent administrator from 01.01.2021 (new application) onwards or upon request completed on 01.01.2021 onwards, may be included in operating mode. and to conclude an Operational Aid Contract Only through competitive bidding procedures of article 7 of law 4414/2016.
  • Ongoing applications from individuals for photovoltaics of less than 500 kW power that have been completed by the end of the year and are waiting for connection conditions from HEDNO, receive a deadline for signing a contract with the APEEP until 31 December 2021 for lock »price.
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