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At 1.5 GW the requests for "small" photovoltaics.

Many common requests from groups of "small" photovoltaics for connection to the transmission network, with the construction of a new substation that will be financed 100%, is evidenced by the relevant report of IPTO in the Development Plan 2022-2031. This is because, according to the Administrator, these requests were totaling more than 1500 MW, until the beginning of December 2020.

This number can be considered anything but insignificant, given that the relevant possibility was introduced only last May, with the vote in favor of the environmental bill (4685/2020). It is recalled that this regulation paved the way for the connection to the Transmission System (IPTO) of groups of small RES projects, provided that their total capacity will exceed 8 MW. In such a case, the construction of the relevant Substation is undertaken by the private producers themselves, under conditions and taking into account the rational development of the respective infrastructures of the System and the Network.

For those coming exclusively from private investors, the relevant deadline expires at the end of 2021, whenever the time "window" is relatively large. On the other hand, in cases where energy communities participate in group requests, with less than 60 members and without the participation of Local Authorities. A 'and BD grade, then the margins are more pressing, as the deadline for signing a contract with DAPEEP expires on June 30, 2021.
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