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Owners of 500kW will not lose the status of professional farmer.

As farmers' interest in the construction of rural photovoltaic parks continues to grow, a key question that remains for many is whether the status of a professional farmer is lost through the concrete investment of building a 500kW photovoltaic system.

As is known, Law No. 4602/2019 (Government Gazette A '45) from March 9, 2019 gave farmers the opportunity to build photovoltaic parks of up to 500KW. In addition, recently, with Law 4643/2019, which received the Government Gazette on 03/12/2011, the installation of photovoltaics up to 1MW was allowed on high-productivity land.

It is expected at the end of January to amend the register of farmers (Law 3874 (Government Gazette 151 / A / 2010) Register of Farmers and Rural Enterprises), and with a 100kW photovoltaic system that is defined as agricultural activity and taxed as agricultural income, it will go up 500kW, in order to harmonize with the new provisions and thus to be able to integrate the new agricultural photovoltaics into the new framework.
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