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The production license for wind and solar systems is to be abolished.

Radical changes are coming to the licensing process for new RES plants, to dramatically reduce the time needed to mature investments. According to the Ministry of Energy, the central element of the new process will be the abolition of the production license for wind and photovoltaic systems and its replacement by a simple certificate that will be given immediately upon submission of the request, as long as the single information system created and which will be at the heart of the process, will not hit in obstacles. That means, the system will automatically flush out requests for saturated network areas, areas for which there is an earlier request, areas where capacity is exceeded, etc., and for other applications it will immediately give the certificate. The new framework is expected to be presented by the Ministry of Energy staff to the members of the Commission set up to reform the institutional framework for RES licensing.

With this intervention the Ministry of Energy aims to greatly reduce the time required for preparation and to relieve RAE of the huge volume of files it has accumulated in its services. At the same time, other interventions are being investigated in the remaining stages of project licensing as production authorization is "just the beginning" of investor distress. Any interventions deemed to be mature will be included in the environmental bill that you expect to be voted on by the end of January. This is also expected to remove the letters of guarantee that accompany the application for a production license today, which will be replaced by a fee. Specific amount i.e. per requested megawatt, which will not be refunded, but instead will be an additional resource for the DAPEPP Special RES Account.
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